Domestic Partner Lawyer San Luis Obispo CA

Assisting Couples In Domestic Partnerships

Registered domestic partners in California have legal rights very similar (and in many cases identical) to those enjoyed by married couples. Domestic partners face the dissolution of partnership, may choose to adopt a child, and may be confronted with child custody and child support disputes.

I provide dedicated assistance in an area of law that is constantly changing. I am attorney Robbi Rizzo, and I leverage my knowledge of California domestic partnership law to assist clients in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding area.

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Addressing The Nuances Of Domestic Partnership

Registered domestic partnerships fall under the authority of traditional family law, with some differing nuances and concerns. I tailor my legal representation to your individual situation in areas that include:

  • Adoption, including step-parent adoption
  • The dissolution of a registered domestic partnership
  • Child custody and support
  • Relocations and move-away cases
  • Other related family law problems

I remain devoted to keeping abreast of the current law and policy regarding domestic partnerships in California and elsewhere. This allows me to confidently provide the support you need in your case.

Ending a domestic partnership or adopting a child in the context of a domestic partnership presents numerous legal challenges that can be met with the assistance of a family lawyer.

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