San Luis Obispo Family Law Lawyer

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The safety and well-being of your family is likely among your primary concerns. Whether you are interested in planning for your family’s future or you are going through a divorce, the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer can go a long way toward giving you the peace of mind you need.

I am Robbi Rizzo, Attorney at Law, and my practice is devoted to providing professional and compassionate legal representation to clients in San Luis Obispo County, California. Using my legal knowledge and a background in business, I provide comprehensive family law representation to my clients.

To discuss your case, contact my law office online or call 805-762-4766 (toll free at 877-209-7353).

Dedicated And Caring Legal Assistance For Your Family’s Needs

As a skilled San Luis Obispo family law lawyer, I can assist you with your legal questions relating to divorce and family law, including:

When necessary, I am a strong advocate for my clients before the court. However, wherever possible, I encourage my clients to pursue amicable solutions of their family law issues through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In particular, I emphasize a cooperative approach to your divorce or family law matter to reduce conflict, save time and money, and maintain healthy co-parenting and family relationship.

Cost-Effective Solutions From A Skilled California Divorce Lawyer

With a focus on your family’s individual needs, I work diligently to provide efficient and cost-effective representation tailored to your situation. I take a business-like approach to the practice of law. This means that you, as my client, will have the ability to reach me when you need answers to your questions. It also means that I am results-oriented and I treat my clients with respect, concern and attentiveness.

I understand that the cost of hiring a lawyer is a big concern for most people. To that end, I make every effort to manage my fees and partner with my client to make the most cost-effective use of the funds available.

Contact my office online or by telephone at 805-762-4766 to schedule an initial consultation.