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Growing Your Family through Adoption

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Bringing a child into your family through adoption can be a wonderfully positive experience. The adoption process itself, however, can be a lengthy and time-consuming task. Often it presents many challenges, depending on a variety of factors that include the age of the child, where the child currently resides, and with whom the child is living. These issues can be sensitively handled by a knowledgeable lawyer.

I am Attorney Robbi Rizzo, and I provide dedicated and caring assistance for couples and individuals wishing to adopt a child. I offer advice and guidance for each step in the process.

If you are interested in adopting a child or in formalizing your relationship with your stepchild, contact my office online or call 805-762-4766 (toll free at 877-209-7353) to schedule a consultation.

Caring Answers To Your Adoption Questions

My goal is to guide you through the adoption process in a variety of situations:

  • Agency adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Domestic Partner adoptions
  • Adult adoptions

From out-of-state infants to an older stepchild who has been living with you for a period of time, I would like to be a part of helping you to achieve your goal of adopting. I feel strongly about helping to provide a safe and secure home for children through thoughtful and cost-effective legal representation.

Contact my office online or by telephone to schedule a consultation.

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